Our February sponsor, Simply Built.

Where would we be without these guys? Without a website, surely.

SimplyBuilt is a website building startup that allows you to build a website, host it, register a domain, and offer support throughout the process, all without a lick of code. They’ve created an interface that is fast, fun and incredibly effective.

In addition to supporting the Python community of Seattle, they’re quickly becoming an important pillar in the development community at large. Scroll down for just a taste of the amazing things they do.



Building a Community,

Got an open source project on Github that you want a website for? Do it for free through SimplyBuilt: http://www.simplybuilt.com/explore/free-websites-for-open-source-projects

Want a peek into the source code that makes them one of the most user-friendly systems to use? Check out: https://github.com/SimplyBuilt/SimonSays

Want a side project that might generate a bit of revenue? They’ve got a referral program where you and your referral get a $10 credit, which can be used to start a small business of designing SimplyBuilt websites for clients who have restricted budgets.

Have a project?

The members of SimplyBuilt will be at our Feb. meetup to greet you and offer some t-shirts, and they’re only in it to chat–no recruiting. Come hang out with us and their team. You might just walk away with the tools you need to complete your next project.