The Start Up Participants

  • About buildpulse,

    buildpulse is a cloud SaaS service that helps building owners and operators save time and money. buildpulse identifies maintenance issues and potential energy problems immediately, before they impact the owners energy bills. buildpulse is a plug-and-play solution that provides customers ROI in months compared to competition that takes years.



About Brice Kosnik,

Brice Kosnik was the president of BASiX Automation Integrators, a controls contractor in Dover New Hampshire for 4 years, and took over BASiX after the company was acquired in 2009. He has very strong relationships within the engineering community and the respect of the tradesmen he worked along side for years. He is an active member of ASHRAE and has held a seat as a committee chair for multiple chapters over the past 5 years.


About Jason Burt,

Jason Burt has worked in a number of areas including IT, Marketing and Product Management. He has managed groups ranging from small business teams to a section of the IT department at Washington State University, where he reduced department costs by 25% and managed 40 undergraduate students. Jason enjoys problem solving through analysis and creativity.


About distelli and Rahul Singh,

Distelli makes it fast and easy for developers to deploy code to any server with the push of a button. Our platform empowers developers and their teams to spend less time building and maintaining complex deployment tools and homegrown scripts so they can focus their valuable time and effort on creating the software that powers their business.

Rahul is the Founder & CEO of Distelli, a company he founded in 2013 after frustration with the complexity of software deployment. Prior to Distelli, Rahul spent 8 years at Amazon as one of the first engineers on the Amazon Web Services Team. Rahul holds an MS in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University.


About jydo,

Jydo is an IoT platform connecting to meeting space hardware, enabling users to control all hardware from a single unified UI, reducing the friction of scheduling, starting, and managing meetings. Jydo eliminates the need for expensive proprietary hardware, and is built using open standards and languages, enabling IT departments to deploy and manage their own AV spaces without relying on third party vendors.



About Kody Kochaver,

Kody is CEO of jydo. He envisions a new era of AV systems – one that provides tremendous power to the end user while providing a seamless user interaction, and easing the burden on IT staff. Building on over 10 years in the AV industry, experience building successful companies and leveraging a background in computer science, he is leading the charge to rethink the way corporate AV is deployed and managed.


About pellego,

Pellego is a discovery platform for residential real estate investors. Using Python for web development and data science, Pellego exposes investors to more opportunities in dramatically less time by sending them the best deals that go for sale. Pellego is being built by a three person team (Gideon Sylvan, Anthony van Winkle, and Nathan Hubbell) with combined backgrounds in real estate investing, transaction management, and artificial intelligence.


Gideon Sylvan



Anythony van Winkle


Nathan Hubbell


About pixotale,

We build Pixotale, a mobile visual storytelling app to enable everyone easily create beautiful visual stores right from their mobile phone. Our users only need to focus on the core elements of their stories, we make their stories beautiful, impressive, and looks great across all different screens and devices.



About Robert Mao,

Robert Mao is the cofounder of PixoMobile. He used to work for Microsoft Research FUSE Labs. Prior to Microsoft he started two successful high tech startups in China.